Friday, October 9, 2009

Owen's scribe for oct. 13, 2009

Would the jar look the same if the jar is canadian?

No because there would be more different types of coins in the jar and more colours.

What is the value of each type of coins in the jar?

Penny= 1 cent Nickel= 5 cents Dime= 10 cents

Quarter= 25 cents
Coin Math part 2
A. Combination of USA coin in the jar
1 cent = 80 rolls
5 cents = 10 rolls
10 cents = 4 rolls
25 cents = 2 rolls
B. Make a 100.
40 rolls of pennies=$20.00
20 rolls of nickels=$40.00
8 rolls of dimes=$40.00
2.How full is the Canadian jar?
I think the Canadian jar will be more full than the American jar because there is more types of coins in Canada
Please comment!

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Mr. H said...

That is great if there were 4 coins in the jar. Are there not more than 4 coins? Think a bit more...edit and republish.


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