Sunday, October 11, 2009

Gilberts scribe for Oct 9, 09

Today's assignment was to answer one purple question and one of your choice.

Would the jar look the same if the jar was Canadian?

No because there will be different coins in the jar.

What is the value of the jar? The value of the jar is $100.

please comment!


Mr. H said...

Where would your math be? YOu need to think a bit more!!

abby 8-73 said...

Good job Gilby! (:
But I think you should explain a little bit more.. but still good. Good Job again! (:

Ronny 816 said...

good job G17BY but you could have organized the questions and data nicely by putting question numbers and by putting more detail on both your questions. For your first question, explain why and what the different coins in the jar would be

Mr. H said...

Great comment Ronny


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