Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Connor's Coin Math

1. How long do you think it would take to fill the jar if you put in one coin every day using you own coins to make the total of $100. (You have to use every coin available)


My way of doing this was to use these amounts of coins:
200x Quarters
This is a total of $50
300x Dimes
This is a total of $30
200x Nickels
This is a total of $10
1000x Pennies
This is a total of $10

The totals added up- 50+30+10+10=100 (100 is the number we needed to get to)

Now that we have our amounts of coins lets add them up to see the amount of days it will take to get every coin in the jar.


So the answer to this question is it would take 1700 days to get all the coins in the jar using American money. It would of changed by a large amount if you used Canadian money.

2. If you wanted to split the money between 4 people and everybody was to get the same amount of coins and as close to the same amount of value as you can how would you do it?


Using the same coins in question one...
200x Quarters
300x Dimes
200x Nickels
1000x Pennies

So for the quarters I am going to give each person (represented as P and numbered from 1-4) 50 because if you divide 200 by 4 it equals 50.

For dimes I am giving each person 75 because if you divide 300 by 4 it equals 75.

For nickels I am giving each person 50 because its the same reason as quarters.

For pennies I am giving each person 250 because dividing 1000 by 4 is 250.

So now that everybody has there coins it will give each person 425. Those coins added up for each person gives them each a value of $25 each.

This is my scribepost for Oct. 13

Thank you for reading this, comment if you wish.

Part 2 of my coin math.

1. A) Combination of USA coins in the jar. (Reasonable)

20 rolls of pennies= 1000 coins
5 rolls of nickels= 200 coins
6 rolls of dimes= 300 coins
5 rolls of quarters= 200 coins

1700 coins are in the jar.

B) Canadian coins combination.

1 roll of toonies= $50
1 roll of loonies= $25
2 rolls of pennies= $1
2 rolls of nickels= $4
1 roll of quarters= $10
2 rolls of dimes= $10

=370 coins

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