Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Coin Math Part 2 Oct.13,2009

Today in math we corrected our coin math and saw what our mistakes was.
So we have to create another post to make our coin math more accurate.
First we created a ratio table and it looked like this.

So we figured out how many coins are in the jar. 4680(American)
Then Mr.Harbeck told us to answer 2 questions.

We know that the jar is 3/4 or 75%.
There is 4680 coins.(American)

We also know that if the jar is Canadian, it would be taller than 75%.

If you started to drop one coin a day you will finish in about 12 years.(American)
But if you do it in Canadian coins you would finish in about 12 years. But not on the same day.

American-Estimated 4680 to 4800 so I got 12 years.

Canadian-Estimated 4824 to 4800 and got 12 years....
Other question: Can you fill up the jar with 100$ American and 100$ Canadian?
Probably not.because we know that 100$ American coins is 75% so the jar would be over filled when you add the 100$ Canadian coin.

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