Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Scribepost for Sept. 30

Question # 5

A) How many times taller does the bar for B appear than the bar for A?
B is about 3x bigger than A.

B) How many times as great are the votes in bar B than votes in A?
B is really only 2x bigger than A, but the break in the y axis makes it look misleading.

C)What conlusion does the graph suggest about the election results?
The conclusion of the graph means that whoever made it wanted B to look like it beat A by more than it really did.

D)How could the graph be redrawn to make the data more clear?
It could be made more clear by taking out the axis break.

Sorry for this post being so late comment if you like.

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Connor817 said...

I did this so late im sorry.


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