Monday, October 5, 2009

Scribepost for October 5, 2009, The four4's

The Four 4's
Our homework for today, was to convince the audience how the 2 equations shown above are similar.
There are several similarities between the 2 equations;
1- The sum of the equations are both the number 2.
2-The division symbols mean the same thing, but are shown in two different ways.
3-Both equations have division in brackets, and use addition to add it together.
Im sorry it doesnt really explain much because I couldn't find a way to explain it in words.
If there are any ways that I could improve, please tell me.
Anyways, comment (:


Brayden817 said...

Good Job! You explained everything well and had nice colours.

ammorn817 said...

GUUYS ! i made a mistake with the sign in the first equation, its supposed to be a division sign instead of a multiplication. sorry !


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