Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Owen's scribepost for oct. 6, 2009

This scribe is about the different graphs I know.

Graphs I know:

Line graph
Bar graph
Circle graph
Double bar graph

Double bar graph- A double bar graph is kind of like a bar graph.Double bar graphs is usually used for comparing two people and putting their improvement with 2 bars

Bar graph-A bar graph shows information on two axis. The bars are used to measure how popular the category is. When a bar is really tall than the other onse it means that it is more popular than the others, and you also have to put label on the X axis and the Y axis.

Line graph-A line graph can increase and decrease rating, monitor heart rate, and a line graph is kind of like a bar graph because they both have 2 axis.
How I can improve: I will improve on coloring the graphs.
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