Thursday, October 1, 2009

noeLLeCuvos Scribepost Question 13 October

My scribepost is about question #13. I will be showing you my way and how I got the answer with the best description posible.

(NOTE: I can not apply pictures to this scribepost at the moment so bare with me as I try to explain with my best description.)

The question is states:
13. a) The two circle graphs are meant to represent the same information. Does it appear that way? Explain.
The graphs share the same data, but shown with different pieces. The correct graph would have to be graph B, because the percent and the piece sizes are the same, as apposed to graph A the pieces are distorted from the actual percent.

b)Identify the errors in Graph A.
Graph A can be appeared as an incorrect graph fore the pieces are not formed properly and the size and percents don't match up. One example is the A piece and the C piece are said to have the same percent, but the sizes are way off. Another example is piece B has a percent that is smaller than A and C, but the piece is bigger than C. And the biggest error is piece D, because the shape of the piece is equal to one half, but the said percent is 35%.


kenneth8-17 said...

awesome scribe Noelle! nicely beautifully done!

kenneth8-17 said...

and add colors next time for the answers! x)


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