Sunday, October 11, 2009

Kenneth's coin math for oct 11, 2009

For homework Mr.Harbeck gave us a math question about the coin jar. He said to pick 1 purple and 1 any colour besides black.

1. How much do the coins add up to?
The answer to that question is $100

2. Would the jar look the same if it were Canadian money?
No because if it were Canadian money then it would be different then US money,because if u take Canadian money then the coins would be more shinier.

uh please comment!

Coin Math part 2
Today we have to do the combination part and this is what i got,
10 rolls for 5 cents, 6 rolls for 25 cents, 3 rolls for 10 cents, 1 roll for $1 and $2,

How full is the jar if u either use U.S.A money or Canadian money?
The jar is 3/4 (75%) full and if u use either U.S.A or Canadian money then it would still be 75% full because it's still the same.

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