Monday, October 12, 2009

Elaine's coin math for October 12, 2009

For homework, Mr. Harbeck told us to choose one purple question and another question of any colour except for black.

The questions that I chose were:

How much is $100 American in Canadian dollars? More or less?

$100 in American currency is $95 in Canadian currency. It is $5 less than $100 in America.

What is the biggest coin?

The biggest coin would be the quarter since all the coins in the jar are American, but if the coins were Canadian, the biggest coin would be the toonie.

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Part 2

I estimated that if we are using American coins we would have:

50 rolls of pennies = $ 25
10 rolls of nickels = $ 20
5 rolls of dimes = $ 25
3 rolls of quarters =$ 30
to equal $100

I got :

2500 pennies
400 nickels

250 dimes
120 quarters

to equal: 3270 American coins in the jar

The jar right now is 75% filled or 3/4 full in American currency
But in Canada the number of coins will change:

I will have:
1 roll of toonies = $ 50

1 roll of loonies = $ 25
1 roll of quarters = $ 10
1 roll dimes = $ 5
2 rolls of nickels = $4
2 rolls of pennies = $ 1

I got:
25 toonies
25 loonies

40 quarters
50 dimes
40 nickels
100 pennies
to equal: 280 Canadian coins in the jar

When you compare the Canadian and American coins, there will be a lot less Canadian than American. There is 3270 American coins while there is only 280 Canadian coins, so there is a difference of 2990 coins.

So in the jar, it will be a lot less full than it was. The
jar would be around 4% full because I divided 280 by 3270 and rounded it to the nearest whole percent to get 1%, then multiplied it by four because I thought that since the jar is 3/4 full I should multiply it by four. So the jar would be this full if it were Canadian coins:

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