Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Noel's 2 Minutes To Make a Difference Reflection

We have made alot of changes in our final video and those are : adding voices , putting different pictures and we made our video alot shorter than before and many more . This small things made our video alot better but we still got good comments in our rough draft and they told us how to make our video better and what we need to work on . I think some of our pictures that we added in our final cut was better than the old video and it really helps to show more meaning to what was happening in cambodia so it will be alot easier to understand .

We tried finding people that we could talk to about our topic and We sent soo much emails and some of them didnt reply and some of them told us that they dont have time and that they were too busy but they told us they would love to help us but just couldnt make time for it .

I think that my greatest success in this project was gathering and getting information about our topic so we could make a video and also getting pictures to help poeple show what we mean while we talk in the video . but i think the video was our greatest success and we cant ask for more we found it easy because in our final cut we knew what to work on and what to make changes on and we really thank those people who commented on our first draft and helped us to make our final video better .

one thing that really irritated my group and having problems on was getting an expert because they were all busy and we didnt really solved this problem and another thing that we had problems with was doing our first video because we really had to rush it , we didnt had enough time to make our first video good because everyone was kind of busy with family , sports , meetings and we solved this problem by making schedule and making plans ahead of time

The 2 minutes to make a difference is really important to us because it is only a matter of time till we actually make a difference and if we dont the earth would just come to a point when everything is really messy and messed up , I think that everyone should really start caring about the earth and actually caring about those people on the other side of us who has been struggling ever since they were born .

we could hand out fliers and create a websites on child labour , DONATE stuff that you will not use in the future but still would be helpfull to others and you could donate this to UNICEF , donate money even small amount would mean alot for those people who are in needs , Donating stuff such as clothes , foods toys , money and other stuff that would be helpfull .

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