Sunday, May 2, 2010

Elaine's 2 Minutes to Make a Difference Final Reflection

Google Documents:
Where the research, links, and pictures were stored.

2Minutes Video: Version 1

2Minutes Video: Final Cut

Please reflect and talk about the changes you made between the first and final cut of your movie. Were the student comments helpful in making your final cut better?

There were a few minor changes we made in our final cut. One change we made was adding and taking away pictures, we also added the pictures for our garage sale which was what we did to make a difference. Another change we made was that we redid and reworded our voiceovers because they were all either to quiet or there was static in the background. The final change we made was that we changed our music, we felt that the new piece of music was more cut out for our information and pictures. All the changes we made came from the feedback from our peers, so yes, the student comments were really helpful when it came to making our final cut.

How did you find your expert? List 3 important points your expert added to your movie.What did you learn from your expert?

We found our expert in a newspaper article. Binesi brought it to school one day about a teenage girl named Candace Sutherland who was running across Canada to raise money to stop poverty. It instantly caught all of our attention. We read the article and did a little bit of research on her. We were also exchanging emails explaining our project to her that contained our 10 questions we wanted to know. We didn't get to put the email in our video but she gave us permission to use her pictures and we also got a lot of information from her which was also put into our video. Something that Candace taught me was that anyone is capable to make a difference. Even though she is only one girl and isn't well known, she showed me that if you set your mind to it and if you believe, you'll be able to achieve many things.

What was your greatest success in the 2 minutes project? What skills will you take away with you and use in the future?

The greatest success I accomplished in the project was probably completing the project. During the process, my group and I felt overwhelmed whether it was finding an expert, looking for pictures, or getting appropriate music. So once we finally completed the project, we felt really good knowing that it may be able to help out a lot of people. A skill I will use in the future that I learned from this project would be using the Mac computer. We had a lot of trouble in the beginning but now we are able to work with the computer which will really benefit us in the future. Another skill that will help me later on is using key words to find research or pictures. With the key words we were able to narrow down pictures and websites instead of going through a lot of them and using up time.

What frustrated you with during the movie making process? What strategies did you use to become successful?

Using the Mac in the beginning really frustrated me. I wasn't able to use any of the programs without having difficulties. Later on I got used to it but I had to get a lot of help from teachers to find out what to do. The program that really gave me a hard time was iMovie, I had many problems with it from getting the music into iTunes, finding internet connection, and even uploading the finished product into Youtube. But with many teachers' help, we figured everything out. Some strategies that helped my group used was that we took turns trying to figure out the program and we also took time off to figure out what needed to be done and what we could do.

Why is the 2 Minutes project important to grade 8 students?

The 2 Minutes project is important to us grade 8 students because we are the ones that are being counted on to make a change. With everything that is going on now, people are expecting our generation to fix the problems. We are the future leaders and by being taught about the problems happening and making this project, it will give us the chance to make a difference while also educating others.

How will you make a difference in the future?

I plan to donate food, clothing, and money to the less fortunate and maybe even volunteer. I also want to continue doing projects like the 'pay it forward' or the garage sale to raise money to stop poverty and other issues happening around the world. Hopefully my friends and I will be able to come up with more ways to help out and also get other people involved. That is how I will try to make a difference in the future.

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