Monday, May 3, 2010

Brendan's 2 Minutes to Make a Difference Reflection

Google Document

Version One

Final Cut

The comments that were posted on my group's Version One video were pretty helpful. We made some grammar errors and studdered a couple times. We also had problems with our voice. The last problem we had in out Version One video was that there was a long, black screen at the end of our movie. In the Final Cut video, we did out best to fix these problems.

We found our expert by sending an e-mail to someone who interviewed an expert. Three important points that our expert added to our video is it is not to late to make a difference, you can work as a team to make a difference, . We learned a lot from our expert like

We found our expert by sending an e-mail to someone who interviewed David Suzuki.

We found an expert on Enviromental Activism. His name is David Suzuki.

Our greatest sucess in the Two Minutes project was
A skill I learned while we were making this movie and that I will use in the future is.

One thing that really irritated my group and I while we were making out video is that when we recorded out video, our voices were full of static. We solved this problem by speaking louder from a distance.

I think the Two Minutes project is very important to the Grade Eight Students because we, students are the future and we need to make the world a happy place for everyone; humans and animals.

I will try and make a difference in the future by trying to reduce my waste production by using the three R's. I will also try and convince other people to reduce their waste production because it is ba for our earth and every bit counts.

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