Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Darlene's 2 Minutes To Make A Difference

Google Doc:

Version 1:

Final Cut:

The student comments were very helpful. We followed most of the suggestions that were given to us so that our video would be much better than the version 1. The changes that I made were: the narrated voice, proper grammar, music, full credits, background, transitions between slides, interview, and pictures.

Shania Williams was the one who found the expert for us. Although, Vanessa and I put an effort into finding one, Shania's the one who found the expert. His name is Azad. He once lived in poverty and so.. Shania interviewed him. He left her his number, and the next day or so, Shania and Vanessa came over and we called him. One important point he said was that poverty is when you don't have proper medical attention, proper needs including water, and food to eat. He also said that the people who are living on the street is really not poverty because the have options; whether or not they want to live up on the streets or find somewhere else they can stay at. Azad also mentioned that when you're in poverty, you are somewhat living a simple life because compared to what we have right now, we'd want to ask for more than what we need because we know that we can get it. People in poverty, don't ask for more than what they need because if they were able to get something, it's more than enough. They're satisfied with it, unlike us who are more fortunate than them.

The greatest success in our 2 Minutes to make a difference was finding the expert, Azad. Without having Shania to interview him, our project would be incomplete. The skills that I want to use in the future is having to talk about an issue and sticking to it without any distractions because when my group and I were working on the movie project, the two of them were getting distracted easily while I on the other hand, was working on the movie.

What frustrated me the most was the fact that were not many cooperation from my group. The times that were suppose to work on the movie when we got together, actually never happened. There were many distractions going on. We only got together about 2 times to work on the movie, and it did not go very well. We also had many fights because there was no cooperation or teamwork at all. They somewhat helped me with the script, but I was still the one who actually put it together. How the movie became successful? I told the both of them that I will make the movie myself and do the edits because there was not enough time to complete this whole movie because there was no teamwork at all and there was a lot of distractions. I was really frustrated because not only did I work on the movie on my own, the google docs.. I had to double the work because my group member chose to not do it. She completed it, but not on time for the teachers to mark and so I was very frustrated with that.

2 Minutes to make a difference is very important because it teaches you a lot of things in life. Having to help someone and making a difference in their life is a huge thing. This project is not about yourself but about other people. No matter how old you are, where you are and etc, you can make a difference. Making a difference is a goal that anyone can achieve. This whole project is helping you realize what our community needs and what it needs is respect.

In the future, I will make a difference by helping out others when they're in need of help. I will donate proper needs to the people who are less fortunate than us. I will try to speak out for the people who are not being treated with dignity and respect. I'll help spread the issue and they can spread it all around our community. Having to respect the environment more will also make a difference.

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