Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Kenneth's 2 Minutes to Make a Difference

My Draft xD

My Final Copy xD

The Comments you guys posted up on YouTube (spmath) were very helpful, but the thing about the Microphones is that We don't have any so thats why In the final video we didn't have the talking parts in. I also didn't find an expert because it was Kind of hard to search for a person that knows animal cruelty/abuse.

In the Internet I was trying to search for an expert for our video but unfortunately We had no luck because finding these experts about Animal Cruelty Is not in the internet so that was why we were unsuccessful.

My greatest success was that I made My first video and that I'm very proud of It.
In the future I will be taking my editing skills because I need work on them, also I will be taking The CC Pictures with me and the script that we made together.

The thing that frustrated me most was that my Pictures in the windows movie maker wouldn't upload so I had to think of ways to upload them so I had one way of putting the pictures in, and thats by putting the pictures on the desktop, so that's how I made them not look like X's on the movie maker, that's how I became successful, oh and I self learned this myself on how to put the pictures back.

The reason why It Is very Important Is because When you start this project, then you get to know more about what the project Is actually about and that Is why making your own videos is a way of showing that you can do these things in the future. You can also learn things just by watching the videos and that Its also important that when you do these kinds of projects then you may know what you have done in grade 8. This project is important because you people can self learn things on your own to become independent and also learn more about things like computers. You also learn about things of what's going on In the world and you can picture them In your mind of what is actually going to happen. But from what I heard is that when you try and make a difference then you become happy and try to make more of a difference. Its just like doing good deeds for everyone.

What I would try to do Is that If people start to abuse their own animals then I would step up ask them nicely to stop abusing them and treat them as family!~

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