Monday, May 3, 2010

Jenn's Reflection .

^ Version 1 .

^ Final Cut

We didn't make a huge change in the two videos. The comments were helpful and actually gave us an idea so we can do even better for the final cut. I enjoy getting criticism so we can do much better in the future.

Unfortunately , We did not find an expert for our group . We checked the Internet to see if we could find one , but we were unsuccessful.

Our greatest success was I think the voice overs, and pictures. Skills I would take with me in the future might be, to make things more clear (voice overs) and maybe put more meaningful pictures in the project .

The things that frustrated me , was saving the project then going to upload it and we couldn't find it .. This happened about 3 times. But eventually ,we did it right.

I think the 2 minutes is important to grade 8's because it's time to make a change , Now . Were all going to go to high school and being in grade 9 next year and some times things get way out of hand in high school and it's better to learn about it now than later.

I've watched many of the videos from the grade 8 students and if nothing changes now, this world is going to be chaos in the future. So to make a difference , I'm going to be true to all of these issues in the world and maybe influence people from that.

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