Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Noelle Cuvos' 2 Minutes To Make A Difference

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Final Cut

The comments that were received were very helpful. My group and I were pointed out that we had a few grammar mistakes, we studderred and we also did not include an interview. We made changes to our final copy by doing over most of our voice parts over again. Also we included a well brought up point by David Suzuki.

We found our expert by lots of searching and a lot of emails. A couple important points made by our expert -David Suzuki- was that it's never too late to make a difference, but if we don't do anything soon, then it might actually be too late. He said that we can help our earth, but we can't get rid of what already has infected our ozone layer. Also he pointed out to us in the original email that there are many scientists that are looking for ways to stop this problem, and to reduce it bit by bit.

My group and I never really found David Suzuki's email, but we did find a person who did interview David in person. We then asked the interviewer if we could use part of his interview. We did have an actual expert that we did have an email for, but we didn't have a response until a couple days after the due date.

One of the biggest things I will take away from this project to use in my future was probably all the work I had to do, all in very little time. Another thing I could reuse is staying organized and trying to steady my group to make sure they all had their own duties to fulfill.

My biggest frustration through the whole movie making process, would probably having to be making continuous changes with our video. I think it would've been much easier if my group could always be with me as I work on it so i can tell them about my ideas in stead of just changing it , then having them seeing it and not liking it. Also converting my files; the audio and video files. What I did was I simply just made sure I knew what my group wanted that I also approved of before I made the change. Also I made sure I knew what I was converting before I did it so that I wouldn't have to go back and redo the conversion.

I personally think that this project is important for our grade eight students, because I think that it's at this age, we start to realize what's is happening around the world and that things are changing too fast in bad ways. It opens our eyes and makes us aware and gives us advice on what to do about all the stuff happening around us, from poverty in Africa, to pollution in Indonesia. From animal abuse in Denmark, to child abuse in India. All this can be reduced with all our help,

I can't promise I will make any big differences, but in my two minutes video my group and I shared about fifteen easy ways you can reduce global warming everyday. By doing those little things, I know that I will be easily helping my community, city, country and my world.

Thank you.

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