Sunday, May 2, 2010

2 Minutes to make a Difference Final Reflection

Google Docs

Version 1

Final Cut

2) I made a lot of changes from version 1 to the final cut. I fixed the grammar. A lot of the words were mispelled and the sentences didn't make sense. I also fixed the text because It was too hard to read. The students comments helped us out because they found the mistakes that we noticed and even more.

5) We did not find an expert for a couple of reasons. The first reason was we couldn't find an expert at first. Then we found someone and they never replied back.

6) My greatest success was the video. I thought it was my greatest success because It turned out better than I thought It would. The skills I will take away and use in the future are finding cc pictures and cc music when I make videos in the future.

7) The thing that frustrated me the most was trying to get everyone together so we can take pictures of us making a difference. We solved that by getting the money from Gilbert and donating it.

8) The 2 Minutes to make a Difference project is important because you learn about problems that are in our world today and how you can help with those problems.

9) I will make a difference in the future by donating money or possibly volunteering at a place that deals with problems in today's world.

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