Wednesday, May 5, 2010

April's movie reflection


2)The changes we made were re-recording our voices, putting the pictures in order, adding more detail, and adding our interview.

3)We found our expert by going on google, searching for Red Cross's telephone number, and trying to contact an expert. Our expert Jennifer, added 3 important points which are: Philippines strong natural disasters, the importance of helping out, no matter where we are in the world, and how Philippines is compared to Canada. Something I learned from her was the importance of helping out those people. Also I learned the big differences that Canada has compared to the Philippines.

5) We were successful in finding an expert.

6) I think the thing I was most successful about was finding the expert. I was in charge of it, and I worked very hard on finding that expert. I needed a lot of patience and I found myself patient. I think a skill I am going to be using in the future is movie making, and probably also with researching. I really enjoyed the process in making the movie.

7) The thing that frustrated me the most was the fact that our group wasn't working together in the beginning. One of my group mates was being in charge and telling all of my group mates what to do. She gave us jobs and she split our group in half. I really didn't like that, because we were all supposed to work together as a group. So I stood up and spoke my mind. :D At the end, we all ended up working together and it was a success.

8) I think 2 Minutes to Make a Difference was important for us grade 8's, because we should start being more aware of the world. The differences in people's lives and how important it is to help each other out.

9) I will make a difference in the future by being more aware of the things that I have that a lot of kids somewhere else don't have. For example, my food. I won't waste it by just throwing it in the garbage when I don't want it anymore. I should think of the kids that would die for just a little piece of food. Also, when I'm not using any of my things such as clothes, I will donate it to my cousins in the Philippines who have very little. I am trying to convince myself in donating my money to my relatives in the Philippines, instead of buying something for myself because, right now they are having a very hard time because of personal problems. Doing little things like that will make a difference in the world.

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