Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Binesi's 2minutes to make a Difference reflection

Our project's first draft needed a lot of work. The suggestions we got from our peer assessment really helped with our decisions. Most of our voice overs were really quiet so we had to spend a lot of time fixing that. We didn't like our music so we used my brothers music collaboration CD that had a lot of up and coming artists featured on it. I think we did that just to be sure our music wasn't the same as everyone else's.

Candace was our expert, (the girl running across Canada) and she was very open and sincere when she answered our questions. Lucky for us she was responding from her fan email and wasn't slow when it came to getting back to us, even though she was running all day. The 3 most important answers she gave us were probably this:
What are your thoughts on Canada being the child poverty capital of Canada?
its a shame when i see little children in a soup line asking for food,there is no reason for that at all,canada is ranked 3rd in the world for riches and yet we live in a poor lifestyle.45.000 children in wpg use the foodbank every month

Do you ever doubt that you'll finish your run?
it has never crossed my mind,if i thought about giving up then the run is for nothing..i want the youth to know we cant give up on things that seem hard in life or else your gonna be a failure and life will be hard because we gave up,so kids never ever give up no matter what people say.

This was what she put at the end of the email:
i want to tell the children that no matter how hard life is please stay away from gangs..stay away from drugs..these are very very bad things and they will make your life bad and all its going to do to you is be a bad person..

I learned that what ever you do, do it with pride and with reason. What I think she gave to this movie was a human face. You can tell your audience all of the facts, but you can't just expect people to make a difference without a real role model.

I'd have to say the biggest and most useful skill I picked up was learning how to use a Mac. Just like Harbeck said: "It's like learning a different language."
Other than that, the whole learning how to put equal efforts into a group project was something very important I picked up. I was really stressed out when it came to when I had to organize the garage sale. I didn't know whether I should just trust my group members to deal with the technology stuff that I didn't know how to do, or get mad at them for not making posters fast enough. In the end I did what I was strongest at (organizing and planning) and they acted as my crutches the whole way. I was their little student when we had to put all the effects on the video. I'm pretty sure I wasn't a technology person before the project, but now I know my fair share.

My 2 biggest problems with this project were the slides and the pictures. Their isn't exactly a lot of pictures of Candace Sutherland on Flickr creative commons now is there? So I contacted her and got permission to use the pictures from her website. The only other huge trouble I got into was my research slides. I didn't think I should waste my time on petty statistics for all my slides. So I spent 3 hours figuring out how much it would cost to live for a month in Winnipeg. That was very time consuming, but worth it.

We are at a very impressionable age right now, convince us to be good people before our minds go straight to hell. Pardon my French, but it's true and if no one's going to say it I will. I doubt we'd do something quite this time consuming on both the teacher's and student's behalf at another school. Then again other school's aren't as creative as Sargent Park. I don't think any of us would have developed any character at all without this project, at least not so early on in life. We all need to learn to be good people at some point in our lives, you just taught us to be good people earlier than expected.

I will keep supporting Candace Sutherland with her vision4hope. I don't want to just stop even after we get a grade for this project. 2 minutes to make a difference has just put me in motion for what I can actually accomplish. I just want to keep helping out anyway I can.

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