Tuesday, May 4, 2010

2 Minutes to Make a Difference Final Reflection

We changed the video effect in the movie , we took out parts that were repeated throughout the movie , a few speaking parts. We also added some new effects , to make it stick out more. The students comments were very helpful , it gave us suggestions on how to make our movie better ,and we used those , to make it better and we did.

My group and I could not find an expert on racism , because it was hard to find someone . We looked to see if there were any people ,who we could get to talk about racism , but we couldnt find anyone.

My greatest success in the 2 mintues to make a difference was getting the iformation together , organized. SO we could get enough information to make our video , and for it to be succesful.The skill i will take with me , was the movie making.

What fustrated me most was getting all the information we had and picking out certain parts to use in our video. What fustrated me was what we were gonna put in our movie ,and what pictures, and voice records. The stratoregy we used was to pick out the most important information ,and picutres that showed the topic well.

The 2 mintutes to make a difference is important because . It gives a chance for kids to learn about whats happening in the world , and get a chance to learn about it. Knowing that there is always a way to make a difference , its important cause we can make a difference. I could make a difference in the future by standing up against racism .

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