Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Sharmaine's scibe post for feb.17,2010

textbook questions :

5. Draw each 3-D object using the views below.

11. An injured bumblebee sits at a vertex of a cube with edge length 1 m. The bee moves along the edges of the cube and comes back to the original vertex without visiting any other vertex twice.

a) Draw diagrams to show the bumblebee’s trip around the cube.
b) What is the length, in metres, of the longest trip?

The longest trip was 8m.


april817 said...

Good job Sharmaine! Everything was clear and understandable. Nice pictures!

Elaine817 said...

Nice job Sharmaine! Your work was neat and understandable. Your pictures were also very well done. Great job!

Ralph817 said...

Nice job Sharmaine! Your scribe clear and understandable. Your pictures were very good. Next time you might want to put more colour in your text. Other than that Great job!

i.dumicic said...

Hi Sharmiane, my name is Iva. I understood your blog post well and I think you posted very helpful and creative pictures. Just one thing you mkay want to consider for your next blog is that you put more color into it and you could explain what you did in class a bit more. Overall, great blog!!

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