Sunday, February 7, 2010

Argie's Percent Scribe for Feb 3

Hey my name is Argie. Today in class we were supposed to do questions in the textbook, and pick three to do for homework.

Question 4 - Page 150
How many hundred grids are needed to show each of the percents.
A)101% = 2 hundred grids
B)589% = 6 hundred grids
C)1450% = 15 hundred grids

Question 4 - Page 148
Chris purchased the following items:
2 Binders for $4.99 each
1 math set for $3.99
a backpack for $19.99
find the total cost including 5% GST and 7% PST.

I started this question by adding all the totals together.
$4.99+$4.99+$3.99+$19.99= $33.96
5%+7%= 12%
$33.96x 1.12= $38.04

Question 10 - Page 150
What is the cost for four tires that sell for 85$ each, plus 5% GST and a 1.5 environmental tax?
First i found the total of four tires, and i got 340$.
Then I found the taxes by doing this:
$340 x 1.065 = $362.10
I used a calculator to get this answer

I hope you enjoy my scribe, sorry its a little late.

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