Wednesday, February 3, 2010

keanna ; questions 4&9

question 4:

chris purchased the following items ;

-2 binders at 4.99

-1 math set for 3.99

-1 backpack for 19.99

find the total cost including 5% GST ,and 7 % PST

Question 9:

copy and complete the following table

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jamieq817 said...

Keanna, for the first question, I couldn't really understand your table. Um, first of all, the total I got for all of the supplies, was $33.96, which is 100% right? So to find 12% for the GST and PST, you can divide 100% by 100, to get 1. On the other side, you divide $33.96 by 100, which gives you 0.3396. Then, you multiply both the 1, and the 0.3396 by 12, then you get 4.0752 = 12%. You round that number to the penny which gives you $4.08. That's the tax he has to pay. Another way is to multiply $33.96, by 1.12, to get the total of how much he's going to pay with the tax. I hope I helped. :D


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