Friday, February 19, 2010

Scribepost for February 18, 2010

Hi everybody today at class we had to do some questions in our math text book.
So for the people who are doing the blog they have to do 3 questions.

So I'm doing questions 3,4&6

So number 3
Sketch a net for each object.
Number 4

Draw the net for each object. Label the
measurements on the net.

Number 6

6. a) Draw the net on grid paper, as shown.
Cut along the outside edges of the net
and fold to form a 3-D object.

This is how would it look like.

b) What is this object called?

Triangular Prism

So I'm done.

Tell me what I screwed up and what I did good.


Ralph817 said...

Good Job Jex! I liked how you showed how you answered all your questions. You made very good use of colour and I understood what you did. Good Job!

Brayden817 said...

Good Job! You explained everything well. It was a bit messy and hard to read.

runcel8-16 said...

Good job Jex!!!
You explained your post so well
Awesome job!!!


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