Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Scribepost for February 2, 2010

Today in class, we had a couple of assignments to do. We had to fill in our foldables and do the odd questions in our textbook.
Here are questions 1 and 3.

Draw a diagram to show how you could represent the cost of a $100 item with and without tax.

The diagram I drew was a ratio table. With a ratio table, you would be able to see how much the item costs and how much you would pay with the tax.

Kyle says that a population increase
of 15% one year followed by an increase of 10% the next year is the same as a population increase of 25% over two years. Is Kyle correct? Explain your reasoning.

Kyle is incorrect. The population increasing by 15% and then by 10% would be a greater population than if it just increased by 25% altogether.

I got my answer using a ratio table:

Thanks for reading my scribe!! Please comment :)


Darlene8-17 said...

Very well done Elaine! Your scribe is neat and understandable. I like how you put in pictures to show your work.!

april817 said...

Great job Elaine! Everything was very well done. It was understandable, and your pictures are very good.

Larrisa8-17 said...

Good job Elaine ! good use of colors and pictures of the ratio table. you explained everything very well. good job !

Layton 8-17 said...

Great job Elaine! you used alot fo color and pictures. and everything was clear to understand. Great Job!

Jemineth873 said...

Great work elaine (: your use of pictures to show your path and way of solving the questions are well done and understandable (:

kaily said...


you did a really good job on this post i was wondering if you wold be able to tell me how you did this.

In my class we are done this but we never did it how you did it go to



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