Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Jennifer's Percent Scribepost

Question 1.

Chris purchased the following items:
-2 binders for $4.99
-1 math set for $3.99
-a backpack for 19.99
Find the total cost including 5% GST and 7% PST.

First off , I added the prices together and multiped 4.99 by 2 becuase it says 2 binders at 4.99 each .

All these items came up to $33.96

Then i added the GST and the PST which have me 12 % .

Question 2

How many hundred grids are needed to show each of the following percents?
101% equals 2 hundred grids
589% equals 6 hundred grids
1450% equals 15 hundred grids

Question 3.

Describe 2 ways you could calculate the total tax of an item?

I would use a ratio table and my other way is using a formula where you multiply the original number by a percent greater than 100.

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