Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Scribepost Questions 5 and 8.

For scribe post we had to pick 3 questions so i decided to pick numbers 8, and 6.

For number 6 we had to find out the discount price of the second week. the fist week it is 50% off. the second week is 10% off of the first weeks discount. your starting price is $85.

So first i went:

50% off of $85 =$42.50
To get the answer I just went: 85 /2 = 42.5

so now that i have my price of $42.50 i can just take 10% off of that witch equals = $34

Another way i found the answer is I just found 40% of $85.

85/100= o.85 x 40 = $34

The total price they had to pay is $34.

8.for number 8 we had to fill out this chart.


jamieq817 said...

Layton, I think I found a few mistakes in your post. How is 10% off of $42.50, $34.00? I'm just wondering. Because when I did mine, I used a ratio table. I made $42.50 my 100%, then I divided the 100% by 10, to get 10%. From that, it means I have to divide $42.50 by 10 too, which gave me $4.25. So $42.50 - $4.25 = $38.25. That was the answer I got. And I also noticed a few spelling errors too. So you might want to check over your scribe again.
Your chart was exactly what I got too! But you might want to explain how you got those answers ok. But good job Layton!

Elaine817 said...

Like what Jamie said, I also found a few mistakes with your spelling and the answer you got for numeber 6 because I also got $38.25. You could've also added a ratio table to number 6 to help you explain your answer. For number 8, you can improve by telling us how you got those answers. But nice try Layton.

MaryJane817 said...

I also agree with both Jamie and Elaine. I found a few spelling mistakes and the answer you got for number 6 I think was incorrect because when I did my calculations, I got $38.25. The chart you did for number 8 was great but next time, just make sure you show how you got those answers.


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