Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Scribepost september.30 2009

9. The two graphs show the number of
health bars sold by two students.

A) How are the two graphs different?

The graphs are different because graph B has a break in it witch changes the appearance of the
graph then how it would
normally look.

B) For each graph, what conclusion would
you make about health bar scales?

In graph A the sales were realy close to the same amount for each student. In graph B it says that chris sold twice as many bars then meagan.

C) Which graph gives a more accurate comparison of sales? Explain

Graph A would give a more accurate comparison because it has no break so there are more intigers and it goes up by less so it would tell us closer to the amount then graph B.


ammorn said...

Good job Layton! I like how you used different colors to separate the questions and answers apart. The only thing you need to improve on is making the pictures clearer and not blurry .

Brayden817 said...

Good Job Layton! I like your different colours. I noticed a spelling mistake. It should be "which" not "witch".

april817 said...

Good Job Layton! Nice use of colours. You had on spelling mistake, and Brayden already mentioned it. Also, Ammorn metioned the thing about the picture.


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