Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Argie's Scribepost Question 8 Sept 30

8. The graph shows the progress of friends who are playing a video game.

A) Explain how does this graph could be misleading?
Answer: This graph could be misleading because one bar is thicker then the other.

B) What conclusion does the graph suggest about Scott's progress compared with Bryce's progress?
Answer: The graph concludes Scott completed 18 levels.

C) Describe how to redraw the graph to represent the data more accurately.
Answer: The graph could be drawn with same sized bars.


Darlene8-17 said...

Good job Argie ! I like what you did about the questions and answer thing to separate them apart. One thing you could improve on is making the picture clearer. ! Other than that, your scribe was very well done . !

april817 said...

Good Job Argie! Nice use of colors! Your explanations were understandable. The only spelling mistake I saw was in question A. Instead of "then" you put "than". Other than that everything was good. Nice picture btw. I was there when you took it. :D


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