Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Scribepost for Sept. 30

Question #5

a) How many times taller does the bar for B appear than the bar for A?
- B looks 3 times taller than A because of the break in the interval.

b) How many times as great are the votes for B than the votes for A?
-B is only 2 times greater than A but the break gives the impression that it isn't.

c) What conclusion does the graph suggest about the election results?
-The conclusion the graph suggests is that B had 3 times the votes that A had.

d) How could the graph be redrawn to make the data clearer?
-The graph could be redrawn with the y axis going up by 10, from 0 to 200, with no break.


Darlene8-17 said...

Nice job Mon . ! I like the colors you used to separate the questions and answers apart ! Your scribe was very neat . ! =)

april817 said...

Great Job Ammorn! I like the way you used the colors to separate the questions from the answers. Nice picture. Everything was neat, and understandable. Goood Job! :)

jamieq817 said...

Grrrrrreat job Ammorn :D It was really easy to read, and I liked how you used the colours :D


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