Sunday, September 27, 2009

Scribepost for September 24, 2009


Ravi spends 10 more on food than on movies. I used the pictograph to check, because I can just count how much more or less they are from each other. But to be more specific, you could use the circle graph.

The circle graph shows this more clearly. Because if you look at the clothing and food, they are both 25%, which is half the money he spends.

You can easily calculate the number using the pictograph, but if you use the circle graph you have to find out wat the percentage is to the what the total is.


Brayden817 said...

Good Job! I like how you used a different colour for the answers. One spelling mistake I noticed was you said ” wat. ”

MaryJane817 said...

Nicely done Jamie ! The pictures were clear and understandable as well as the answers. One thing is that there were was one spelling error I saw which was "wat".

april817 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
april817 said...

Great job Jamie! Your scribepost was really neat. The only mistake I spotted was the "wat".

Elaine817 said...

Well done Jamie!! Your scribepost was very neat and organized. But as everyone else said, there was one spelling mistake.

Mr Montgomery said...

Hi Jamie

Mr Montgomery here. I teach maths to kids your age in Perth Western Australia.

Thanks for taking the time to write in your blog. I'm sure Mr Harbeck appreciates it.

This is a good post. I'm just not sure how the circles graph would allow you to be more specific.

Allysa8-17 said...

Awesome job Jamie, your scribe was really neat and organized. The only mistake I saw was the spelling mistake and i think you should make your pictures larger.

Darlene8-17 said...

Nice job Jamie ! Your scribe was well done ! Like what everyone said, you made one tiny spelling mistake ! But other than that . It was good . !

||justine817|| said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
||justine817|| said...

good job !! , i really understand what u were talking about xDD

ammorn said...

Good job ! I like the colors you used ! It stands out well ! And your scribe was very understandable ! Nice job again !


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