Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Ralph Scribepost for September 30 09

2. a) Sophie surveyed her friends about their
favourite flavour of ice cream. What
information is missing on the graph?

The information missing is the amount of people the graph is out of !

b) How could you present this data more

If you knew how many people the graph is out of, it would be more accurate.

To make it even more accurate you could even make it into a bar graph.

3. When might it be to someone’s advantage
to present distorted data? Share your
answer with a partner.

If someone REALLY loved a certain flavour they could make the flavour really stand out by distorting it.

eg. Bright Colour, Make the number larger, etc.
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april817 said...

Good Job Ralph! Your scribe was very neat and understandable. Nice circle graph. Maybe you could've used a little more colour. Other than that, good job! :)

MaryJane817 said...

Awesome job Ralph! The picture was nice and your answers were clear. One thing you could improve on is maybe add a bit more color, otherwise you did a great job.

jamieq817 said...

Ralph, that was fantastic!! I love how you explained your answers, and on the last one, you even gave examples! It's just that you could've used more colours in the text, so that it can really jump off the page, and SLAP YOU RIGHT IN THE FACE! HAHAHA, really great job, Ralph! Very well done :D


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