Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sharmaine's Subscribepost for September 30

Question # 6:

A.) From the pictograph, Which fruit seems to sell the best? Explain
Apples, because their drawn bigger making it seem like it was sold more.

B.) Does it seem that more cherries were sold or more peaches? Explain.
It seems that more peaches were sold than cherries, because there were more cherries drawn than peaches. But looking at the diagram 2 cherries equal to 20kg. So if you compare the kilograms sold between cherries and peaches. 100kg were sold for peaches and 90kg sold for cherries. Meaning more peaches were sold.

C.) How should the pictograph be redrawn to represent the data more accurately?
It could be redrawn by making all the fruits the same size.



Brayden817 said...

Who did this post...

april817 said...

What he said. ^ Anyway, good job. Nice use of colors. It was neat and understandable.

MaryJane817 said...

Good job Sharmaine! Your answers were well answered and the picture and the colors were very nice.

jamieq817 said...

GOOD JOB SHARMAINE!!!!!! I love how you used the colours to stand out! Like what Mr Harbeck says! The colours and the picture just jumps off the page AND SLAPS YOU RIGHT IN THE FACE! HAHA, goood job again Sharmaine! Very well done :D


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