Wednesday, September 30, 2009

scribepost for september 29, 2009

Question #9 Page 25

a) How are the two graphs different?
-Graph A has no break and Graph B has a break
-Graph A goes up by 20 and Graph B goes up by 2
-Graph A has a bigger picture and Graph B has a smaller one because of the break.

b) For each graph, what conclusion would
you make about health bar sales?

In graph A the sales were very close to the same amount for each student. In graph B it says that chris sold twice as many bars then meagan.

c) Which graph gives a more accurate
comparison of sales? Explain.

Graph B because graph A goes up by +20 and graph B only goes up by 2.

1 comment:

april817 said...

Good Job. Next time, just use the same color for the questions, and another for the answers.


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