Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Keanna 8-17 question one

Travis recorded the following data about how he spent his day

A) How could you make a bar graph to argue that Travis spent most of his time.

- You can make a bar with all the bars , and show that he slept the most.

B) How would you make a bar graph that Travis could use two argue that he spent almost as much time on homework as he does at school
- You could you as double bar graph


||justine817|| said...

good job , i really knew what you were talking about

kenneth8-17 said...

Good job keanna but i think u have 2 "you's" but its good!

ammorn said...

Good job Keanna ! Your scribe was simple and okay, but you need to improve on your answers. You have to use the 'math language' to answer these 'math questions'.

Brayden817 said...

Good Job!I've noticed quiet a bit of mistakes. The picture has all the numbers mixed up, school should be 6.5, sleeping should be 7 and sports should be 2.5. Also your first question you didn't finish it. It says ....Travis spent most of his time (on what).

april817 said...

What they said. ^ :D

jamieq817 said...

You just need to answer your answers in complete sentences, like what Ammorn said. Answer your questions in the "math language". You should go over your work, and answers more. Other than all that, good job. :)


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