Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Scribepost for September 30/09

Today I'm doing question 4.

4. Samantha recorded the temperature on a hot day.
She displayed the data in a line graph.

a. Explain how this graph could be misleading.

The graph is misleading because there's a break in the y axis.

b. What conclusion does the graph
suggest about the changes in temperature?

The graph suggest that the temperature should increase by 8 am
to 2pm.

c. How should the graph be redrawn to make the data clearer?

The graph should be redrawn with the y-axis intervals going by 0-32C
with no axis break


||justine817|| said...

good job, i understand what u were talking about xp

||justine817|| said...

good job, i understand what u were talking about xp

Elaine817 said...

Nice job Jex. I like how you used colour in your scribepost and it's great that you've video a picture and a video. But you could've been a little bit more descriptive with your answers and made the graph a little bigger.

MaryJane817 said...

Nicely done Jex! The colors you used were nice as well as the pictures and the video. One thing you could improve on is to explain your answer a little bit more, but otherwise it was nicely done.


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