Wednesday, September 30, 2009

elissas scribe post September.30,2009.

The graph in this advertisement shows the results of a taste test.
a) Which burger seems to be the
favourite? Explain.
-The Big Cheese seems to be the favourite ,because its larger than the Bonzo Burger

b) How is the graph misleading?
- Because of the sizes of the burgers .

c) How should the graph be redrawn to represent the data more accurately?
-You could use a pictograph , with each burger the same size, equally spaced on the line .


april817 said...

Good Job Elissa! Nice use of colours. Next time, work on full sentences. Other than that, I didn't spot any more mistakes.

april817 said...

oh, and you forgot to put the number of the question.

8-17 said...

Good job elissa! good choices of colors so it stands out. And wat april said ^^^ use complete sentences next time. Also i like how you drew yur burgars :D


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