Sunday, April 11, 2010

Marielle's Fraction Growing Post




Part two:

How to multiply a fraction and a fractions
I will use question number 2 on the fraction quiz as an example.
First step; multiply the two numerators

Second step; multiply the two denominators.

The answer for the first step is going to be the new numerator and the answer for the second step is the new denominater. Now the fraction is 10/18, what you have to do now is simplify, that would be the third step if it is possible to simplify. So the final answer would be 5/9.

How to multiply a fraction and a mixed number
For an example, i'll be using question 4.
First step; Convert the mixed fraction. (multiply 8 & 4 then add 7.) = 39/8 (keep the denominator)

Second Step; multplpy the two fractions (improper [39/8] and proper [1/7]) = 39/56

third step; convert if needed. - i didn't convert this one so i only got 1/2 a mark for this question.

How to multiply a mixed fraction with another mixed
This question is number 8, i'll be using this as an example.

First step; convert both mixed fractions to a fraction (= 11/4 & 11/4)

Second step; multiply them both (= 121/16)

Third step; simplify (= 7 9/16)


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