Saturday, April 3, 2010

Ammorn's Fraction Growing Post

In a few of the classes, we learned how to multiply and divide fractions.

A) I still didn't get to record my quiz.

B) 4 multiplied by 1/2

C)1/4 divided by 2

D) 7. A pitcher of orange juice is 2/3 full. If four students equally share the juice, what fraction of the full pitcher does each student get?

2/3 divided by 4


3/4 x 7/8

1 1/5 x 2/5

First I converted the mixed fraction into an improper fraction to make it easier to multiply. To convert it, I multipled the denominator by the whole number and then I added the numerator. So the improper fraction would be 6/5.

So then I change the equation to 6/5 x 2/5. After, I multiply the numerators together and the Denominators together. The answer is 12/25.

2 3/5 x 3 4/5

For this question, I have to convert the mixed fractions into improper fractions like I did in the above question. So the new equation is, 13/5 x 19/5. Then multiple the numerators together and the denominators together. The answer is 182/25, but the simplified answer is 7 22/25

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