Sunday, April 4, 2010

Jenn's Fraction Growing Post !

Over the Past Few weeks we have been learning about dividing and multiplying fractions ! Here is my growing post .

a)I recorded a video, but I couldn't find it ;(

b) Using one question from questions 6 or 7 on page 202 of the textbook, explain two ways to multiply a fraction by a whole number. You should use pictures to help explain. -

the question i chose was 4 x 1/2 !
one way you could do this equation is to draw 4 groups of 1/2 to get the answer of 4/2 or 2.

another way you could do the equation is 4/1 x 1/2 . You multiply the 2 numerators first and then you multiply the two denominators .

c) Using one question from questions 4 or 5 on page 208 of the textbook, explain how to divide a fraction by a whole number. You should use pictures.

To divide a fraction, you cut it into how many rows the whole number is. Since the fraction is one half, you can shade in one half of the whole. After that, since the fraction is still one half, it means you can have one fourth of the shaded section. That concludes to the answer being one eighth.

d)A pitcher of orange juice is 2/3 full. If four students equally share the juice, what fraction of the full pitcher does each student get?

The Answer ? Each student gets 2/12 or 1/6 of the full pitcher of orange juice.
2/3 divided by 4 = 2/12 or 1/6 (simplify )

Part two .

Fraction x Fraction

To do Fraction x Fraction you simply multiply the denominator and numerator to get the answer.

Mixed number x A Fraction

first off you , make the mixed fraction into a fraction to do that you have to multiply the whole number by the denominator then add the numerator. After you have done that , you have to do the fraction, then you just multiply both the denominator and numerator to get the answer.

Mixed Number x Mixed Number

To multiply a mixed number by a mixed number is suprisignly very simple. All you must do is convert both of the mixed numbers into fractions then you multiply both fractions to get the answer. After that, you must simplify your answer then divide it to get your final answer. (:

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