Friday, April 2, 2010

Argie's Growing Post

In class we learned how to multiply, divide, add and subtract fractions with whole numbers.
Here is my fraction quiz, this shows how i got my answers.

Now we had to pick a question from page 202, 208-209, and a word problem on page 208.

Two ways to multiply a fraction is to use a diagram or using fraction chart.
You can add up all the halves, or you could times the numerators together and multiply the denominators to get your answer.

Now we have to pick a question from page 208-209.
To divide a fraction by a whole number is simple. First you draw a picture and cut it into the fraction your dividing with, and shade in the part of the whole. After that is done, divide the diagram by the whole number in your equation. you divide the diagram using a horizontal line.

Finally we pick a word problem from page 208.
Iqaluit has frost on about 3/4 of the days in a year. It has frost on five times as many days as Vancouver. On what fraction of the days of the year does Vancouver have

sorry if pictures are a bit small

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