Friday, March 26, 2010

Jex Fraction Growing Post

In our classes. We learned about how to multiply and divide Fractions

This is my video on my quiz.

Now I will how show how to convert fraction by multiplying, dividing and how to figure out a word problem


There's two ways that you can multiply a fraction. One way is you can use a diagram.
You can put 1/2 in to 4 pieces. It would equal 4/2 or 2.
Another way is use equivalent fractions.
You can do that by multiplying both denominator and numerator.

To divide a fraction first of all, you have to draw a diagram.
After you can it to fraction pieces. Then you can shade how much you are dividing.
Another way is to multiply the denominator and how much is dividing it too.
You leave the numerator the same.

Word Problem
Iqaluit has frost on about 3/4 of the days in a year. It has frost on five times as many days as Vancouver. On what fraction of the days of the year does Vancouver have

Part 2

Fraction times Fraction

All you have to do is multiply both denominator and both numerator.
So We got here 3/4 x 4/5
You multiply 3x4=12 to get the numerator.
To get the denominator you multiply 4x5=20.
Which equals 12/20 to simplify you divide both denominator and numerator by 4. And it will give you 3/5.

Mixed Number X Fraction

First of all you make the mixed number to a fraction. You do that by multiplying the whole number by the denominator.

So 1x2=2 after that you add 1. So you would get 3/2
Now you multiply 3/2 and 1/4.
It would equal 3/8.

Mixed number X Mixed Number

If you're multiplying a mixed number and a mixed number all you do is convert it to fractions.
26/10 x 49/2= 1274/20.
Simplify 637/10.
Divide 637/10=63and7/10


Dividing Fractions
IF you're dividing fractions.
You multiply the numerator by the other denominator.
So for here we got 3/4 divide 1/2. We multiply those fractions. So we got 6/4.

Now we divide the 6/4.
So the equals. 1 1/2

1 and 1/2 divided by 3/4

For this you have to figure out what 1 1/2 as a fraction so you multiply the denominator and the whole number. So you get 3/2.
Now you multiply First you have to multiply 1 by 2 then you multiply 3 by 4.
So you get

Now you divide 12/2
So there is 6 wholes

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