Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Scribepost for January 6, 2010

Today in class Mr.Harbeck told us to choose any question from 110-113 so I am doing question 6~!

You are asked to check the design plans for a baseball diamond. Is the triangle a right triangle? Explain.

I don't think its a right triangle because on either side of the baseball diamond its still not a right triangle. 

P.S I know that you don't get this but the thing is that without a picture you still wont know so thats why I don't know how to rotate a picture in paint!     D:!


jamieq817 said...

Hahaha, good job Kenneth. Even though there is no picture and stuff. At least you still did your work. But it would've still been better with the picture. LOL, so anyways. Good job, but next time try to add at least 1 picture or so.

Jex (Juan Exequiel)8-17 said...

Hi Kenneth. This blog was plain but you did your work. The blog is done good but maybe next time you should have put more details and pictures.

Marielle 8-17 said...

Kenneth , your scribepost was a little short and i didn't really get it without the picture and details . Next time you post up a blog, there should be more details and maybe about 1 picture :)


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