Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Scribepost for January 12, 2010

Hi everybody this is Jex explaining what we did today.
So today we corrected the fractions that we had to figure out in percents.

So these are the fractions :

So for Homework we have to define what a percent is.

Percent means out of 100 and is another way of
saying hundredths.

For example:

Our other homework was to do the show you know question.

I think this is all we did. Please comment and tell me what I did wrong and what I missed.

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Brendan817 said...

Nice work Jex ! You explained everything very well and i understanded everything . I liked how you made pictures and found a video on percent . This was very helpful to me because I missed todays class . Nice work once again !

Ralph817 said...

Good Job Jex! You explained everything very well. It was understandable.I liked how you used pictures and used a video on percent. Good Job!

noeLLeCUV817 said...

Great job jex, your used a lot of things that people don't even think of, your used a lot of pictures and even a video. Nice job.

Layton 8-17 said...

WOW Jex Awesome Job. you used a lot of pictures , colour and you even put a video at the end and it was a really good video they talk about everything. Great Job Jex!

Darlene8-17 said...

Nice job Jex ! Your scribe is very understandable! I like how you used a lot of color, pictures and even a video! Keep up the good work!


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