Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Argie's Scribepost for Jan 6 2010

Hi my name is Argie, I had to do a scribepost and I chose question 4 on page 110.

4) Find the height of the pole where the guy wire is attached, round to the nearest tenth of a meter.

c² - a² = b²

10² - 2² = b²

10x10 - 2x2 = b²

100 - 4 = b²

96 = b²

√96 = √b²

9.7m = b

The height of the pole would be 9.7m.



jamieq817 said...

Good job Argie! The thing I noticed was in the formula, the fourth part, I think instead of putting 96², you should have put b² still. Then for the next line, you should put 96 = b², then √96 = √b², then it should be 9.7m = b. I'm not sure if that is right, but that's the way I do it. I hope I helped though! :D Again, good job and keep up the good work :)

Ralph817 said...

Good Job Argie! I liked how you explained everything well and your picture made me understand how you got the answer. You forgot to answer in a simple sentence answer!Great post!

Brendan817 said...

Nice work Argie ! You forgot the simple answer . But it is still a good post . G'job !


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