Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Mary Jane's Scribepost for January 6, 2010

I chose to do my scribe post on question number 14 on page 113.

Find the missing side length of each triangle.

a) a² + b² = c²
12² + 5² = c²
(12x12) + (5x5) = c²
144 + 25 = c²
169 = c²
√169 = √c²
13 = c

The length of c also known d is 13m.

b) c² - a² = b²
15² - 9² = b²
(15x15) - (9x9) = b²
225 - 81 = b²
144 = b²
√144 = √b²
12 = b

The length of b also known as v is 12cm.

REMINDER: study for the quiz tomorrow!
Tip: Do the practice questions in the math links. You could go to to find these questions.


jamieq817 said...

GOOD JOB MARY JANE! Nice use of colours, buddy! :) Well, you remembered to label the triangle which is good, and your formula was perfect! Well that is exactly what I did in my notebook. Oh, thanks for the link to! Hahaha, you did really good Mary Jane and keep up the good work!

Ralph817 said...

Good Job Mary Jane! You put alot of colour and I understand how you got the answer. Thank you for the link to the site. I will be sure to study! Good Job!

Jex (Juan Exequiel)8-17 said...

Good job Mary Jane! Your blog was very understandable. You remember the formulas that we had to do and your blog is very colorful. Thanks for giving us the link to

Good Job Again!!!!

Gio said...

Nice job,
I'm Gio from Zagreb, and even if we are doing different stuff in math, I understood what you guys are doing. The triangle was really helpfull.



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