Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Scribepost for January 6, 2010

Shahriar knows that the size of a computer monitor is based on the lenght of the diagonal on the screen. He thinks that the diagonal is not as large as the ad says. Is he correct? Explain.

a squared+b squared = c squared

25 square+3o squared = c squared

(25x25)+(30x30) = c squared


1525= c squared

He is correct because the right lenght is 39 cm.
Please comment!

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jamieq817 said...

Good job Owen! I like how you did the formula, but you could have put the actualy squared symbol. Also, you just made one little spelling mistake. It is in the simple sentence answer. "Lenght" should be "length". Other than that, it was great! Keep up the good work my friend.


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