Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Gilbert Scribepost for January 6 2009

OK today in class Mr. Harbeck told the people who didn't do a scribe yet to pick a question and do one scribe.
OK so I chose number 7

7.What is the height of the wheelchair ramp? Give your answer to the nearest tenth of a centimeter.
c² - b² = a²
80² - 79² = a²
(80x80) - (79-79) = a²
6400 - 6241 = a²
159 = a²
√159 = √a²
12.6cm= a

Simple sentence answer- The height of the wheel chair ramp would be 12.6 cm high



jamieq817 said...

Good job Gilbert! The only thing I noticed, was in your formula, I think you accidentally put (79-79) when it is supposed to be (79x79). Other than that, you did really good! Keep up the good work my friend.

Marielle 8-17 said...

Good job Gilbert ! , i liked how you but a , b and c inside the right angle . You explained it good although it's 79 X 79 .


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